How to solve poor quality sound from SonyEricsson MW600 on Windows 7 machine

March 17, 2012 Leave a comment

I have been having this problem bugging me for a while now and below is a solution gather from forum.


1- go to device manager.

2- right click on “Bluetooth Peripheral Device” that you want.

3- select “Update Driver Software…”.

4- choose “Browse my computer for driver software”.

5- choose “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.

6- select “Ports (COM & LPT)”.

7- select “Microsoft” at “Manufacturer” list.

8- finally select “Standard Serial over Bluetooth link”


P.S. you may be asked to continue any way & you should do that!


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Getting the TimeMachine to work on any Buffalo NAS*

June 25, 2011 Leave a comment

It is tricky to get the Time Machine to work on a Buffalo NAS with limited documentation with the Buffalo NAS.

In short, you will need to run this command on your mac to create the .sparsebundle file for your TimeMachine.
hdiutil create -size [SIZE IN GIGS]g -fs HFS+J -volname "[VOLUME NAME]" /[COMPUTER NAME]_[MAC ADDRESS WITH NO COLONS].sparsebundle

[SIZE IN GIGS] – The maximum file size allowed for the backup to run

[VOLUME NAME] – It can be anything. E.g. “MBP Backup”

[COMPUTER NAME] – Your computer Local Hostname which can be located in System Preference -> Sharing -> Edit

[MAC ADDRESS WITH NO COLONS] – MOST Important Part! People naturally will think that this will be the MAC address of their AirPort. WRONG! This should be the Ethernet MAC address!

With this it will get your TimeMachine running on your Mac with Buffalo NAS TimeMachine.

Good luck.

Some information are gotten off this useful site.


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MAMP MYSQL Server not started automatically

June 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Easy fix:

1) Quit MAMP

2) Open terminal and do “killall -9 mysqld”

3) Restart MAMP and it should be started.

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Trouble Installing Snow Leopard in Macbook Pro 13in i5 with 120GB Intel 510 Series SSD

June 19, 2011 Leave a comment

I spend a great deal of time wasted on trying to install Snow Leopard on the Macbook Pro without success.

The problem was due to Macbook Pro does not seem to talk to the SSD on Sata III although the MBP does support Sata III

I did almost given up all hope when I saw this thread in Intel forum.

The i found another thread on mentioning that doing a SMC reset helps. Gave that a try. No luck.
You might want to try it. Someone else did have better luck with this.

Then i saw hope at the end of the light when Weaselboy posted his steps with the identical setup.

His steps:

1) Replace the OEM HDD with the SSD ( you can do a search on youtube to get to know how to do it, safely)

2) Put the OEM HDD into a Sata enclosure and plug it into the MBP.

3) Boot up using the External HDD.

4) Go to disk utilities and partition the SSD Drive the way you want.

5) Download Carbon Copy Cloner and Clone it!

6) Shut it down and unplug the USB drive.

7) Boot up using the SSD and go to System Profile and set the SSD as Start Up Disk.

8) Reboot. Done!

Hope it will help others out there struggling with the installation of Snow Leopard in MBP. I am not sure if it is the same with MBP 15 and 17, but it should be similar.

Hopefully the Lion will be easier to install.

Taken from:

Unfortunately the above didn’t work out.

It seems like whenever the MBP is running on Sata Negotiate Link 6Gbps, the beach ball starts to come.

For me to get thru the standard installation, I have to sit thru the whole installation. Preventing the MBP from going to sleep. Maybe it does makes sense. You might want to give it a try.

Right after the installation, the MBP will not give you any beach balls. Reason being it is still running Negotiate Link 3Gbps. Perfectly fine. You can reboot and do whatever you want.

The moment that you perform SMC reset, the problem comes. MBP reset itself to work with 6Gbps. System slows down, beach balling you like crazy. This confirms that MBP (even 2011 model) does not support up to 6Gbps, although it shows it is running 6Gbps.

Fine. I just wanted the system to work. How do I get it back to run on 3Gbps?

The only method i know now is to use Trim Support Enabler to switch from 6Gbps to 3Gbps.
How to do it? Install the tiny program, perform a Restore then choose Default.
Reboot and you will get 3Gbps. No more beach balls.
You will have to do this every time you reset the SMC.

You can install the TRIM on it after that and so far everything seems fine.
I hope that either Apple or Intel will solve this problem as soon as possible so that I can enjoy the full speed that the Intel 510 SSD has.

Till then, enjoy.

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QuickOffice unable to upload documents to Google Docs

February 9, 2011 Leave a comment


If anyone out there is using QuickOffice on Android with Google Docs, you will probably encounter this error when trying to upload a document to your Google accounts.

You will get the below error when you hit Save:
Target service was not able to import the document

You will only get this if you have created your document on QuickOffice and try to upload to your Google account. It’s fine if you are editting a document from Google Docs though.

This error is actually due to newer MS Office format XLSX which started with MS Office 2007. It seems like Google Docs can’t take in the new format properly.

We will have to save in the older format which is XLS for now until either QuickOffice or Google fix this.

Accidental Voice Dialing on Bluetooth handfree?

January 24, 2011 Leave a comment


Have you ever call a contact on your Samsung Galaxy S accidentally when you have your Bluetooth headset connected? It happens when I tried to disconnect a call after a conversation about the same time the other party hung up. All I could do was frantically trying to end the call. I have to always end up calling the other parties explaining. 😦

It happened to me almost every other day and I am sick of it. I have search the internet and there is no solution on disabling the Voice Dialer.

The only solution or actually a work around that I have now is to install an App called “Call Confirm”. This will prompt a confirmation before actually dialing. This is the only solution until Google comes out with a way to disable the Voice Dialer.

Hope this will help anyone out there as frustrated as me.

Email App Force Crash 2

December 30, 2010 Leave a comment


I have previously posted about Email app on my Samsung Galaxy S crashes everytime I tried to start it. Now, even worse it crashes everytime I rebooted and even after I clear the cache.

Removing all the accounts didn’t work either.

But removing this cranky app works. Good luck to others having the Watchdog Task Manager app on their Samsung Galaxy S. Maybe you have better luck.